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Calendar of Events

Spellcaster Sundays!

5:00pm every Sunday evening

Tabletop RPG night, join Steven for a Homebrew Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign.

This Week 09/05:

Character Creation (New Campaign)

Magic MMO Mondays!


6:00pm every Monday evening


Tables open for Magic: The Gathering and other TCG players, PC and Console players can play MMOs for free until close.

Tabletop Tuesdays!

6:00pm every Tuesday evening

Tables open for tabletop RPG players and party game players.

This Week 09/07:

MTV – The Board Game

Wizardly Wednesdays!

7:00pm every Wednesday evening

Wednesday isn’t JUST for Wizards anymore! Come play select single player RPG games in shop for free!

This Week 09/08:


Thirsty Thursdays!


7:00pm every Thursday evening


Game night in the shop, bring your friends and BYOB and have a blast!

Freeplay Fridays!

7:00pm every Friday evening

A different event every week! Poker night, movie marathon, new game release party, who knows what’s in store?!

This Week 09/10: 

Phasmophobia (VR)

Beat Saber (VR)

Blade and Sorcery (VR)

Friday Fight Night!

7:00pm every Friday evening

Join us every week for a different head-to-head fighter tournament!

This Week 09/02: 

Mortal Kombat 11 on the Series X

Shooter Looter Saturdays!

Join us every Saturday for Shooter games! Tournament, Co-Op, check the weekly listing for what’s next!

This week 09/11:

Apex Legends (PC, PS5, XBSX)

Borderlands 3 (PC)

7:00pm Every Saturday

S(NES) Saturdays

Retro Gaming, new NES or SNES game every week!

Play for the high score, beat your friends, or just tag team a full run on a single player game while cheering on your friends!

This Week 09/11:

Adventures of Lolo (NES)

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